How CBD LAB Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Can Help with Depression

There is no denying that depression is a major problem affecting many South Africans – a problem affecting the whole world, in fact.

Shocking statistics researched and recently released by the South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) show as many as one in six South Africans suffer from depression, anxiety or substance-abuse problems. 

Also, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), more than 264 million people of all ages suffer from depression globally.

Depression is a leading cause of disability worldwide and sufferers need all the help they can get.

Therefore, this article serves to provide information on how CBD LAB Broad Spectrum CBD Oil can help relieve symptoms of depression.

What is CBD LAB Broad Spectrum CBD Oil?

The cannabis plant contains over 500 distinct compounds, more than 60 of which are cannabinoids. These can be extracted from the plant to make oil.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of these cannabinoid compounds which are unique to the cannabis plant species known as the Cannabaceae family.  CBD is thus found in varying levels in all cannabis subspecies including well-known varieties such as marijuana and hemp plants which form part of the family

CBD LAB Broad Spectrum CBD Oil contains 0% THC, making it completely safe and legal to use.

Flavonoids work in much the same way. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a chemical produced by the plant to essentially protect itself from different biological and external stresses in its environment.

CBD LAB Broad Spectrum CBD Oil is distilled from selected Hemp flowers.

It is made with an extract that contains nearly all of the compounds naturally present in the cannabis plant except THC.

Please note: CBD LAB Broad Spectrum CBD Oil contains 0% THC, making it completely safe and legal to use.

For added peace of mind, all lab and batch results are available from their web site

Before we get into how this innovative product can help with symptoms of depression, it’s important to first understand how CBD works in the body… Don’t worry, it’s not too science-y. 

Understanding the “Big Picture” 

Before understanding how CBD LAB Broad Spectrum CBD Oil can help relieve symptoms of depression, it’s vital that you understand the system that allows this medicine to work.

The Endocannabinoid System.

Your body is specifically designed, on a cellular level, to interact with cannabinoids. 

Your body is an amazing, complex organism. A highly sophisticated cell-signalling system called the endocannabinoid system exists in all human bodies. 

It plays an important role in regulating a host of vital functions within the body such as:

  • Mood
  • Sleep
  • Appetite
  • Stress
  • Digestion
  • Chronic pain
  • Liver function
  • Motor control
  • Muscle formation
  • Memory and learning
  • Cardiovascular system function
  • Muscle formation
  • Skin and nerve function
  • Inflammation and other immune system responses
  • Bone remodeling and growth
  • Reproductive system function

Overall, the endocannabinoid system ensures all-round, in-body homeostasis, the maintenance of a stable internal environment despite fluctuations in the external environment. Homeostasis is definitely where you want your body to be for optimal physical and mental health. 

Your body is specifically designed, on a cellular level, to interact with cannabinoids.

In simple terms, when you experience anything harmful from the external world that disrupts your body’s inner homeostasis, you have your endocannabinoid system to thank for internal functions returning to normal. 

How Does CBD LAB Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Work in the Body?

The endocannabinoid system, as we learned earlier, works with molecules called endocannabinoids that your body produces on its own, much like the cannabinoid compound CBD cannabis plants produce. 

Endocannabinoids are released when you are doing the things you love (like eating ice-cream or hugging someone you love!) or when you are feeling safe and secure. They are the molecular messengers that give you the feeling of bliss.

 Have you ever seen the state of bliss visible on a baby’s face when he/she is breastfeeding? That’s because our naturally produced endocannabinoids are in breast milk.

Great! So if your body produces endocannabinoids already, then you don’t need CBD Oil, right?


One of the main endocannabinoids produced is anandamide (AEA) which influences physiological systems such as pain, appetite regulation, pleasure and reward, but this very important molecule can sometimes be broken down by a certain enzyme within your body.

Now this is where CBD LAB’S Broad Spectrum CBD Oil shines as an effective medicine in that it can inhibit the breakdown of the endocannabinoid anandamide.

 …thus enhancing its function…

…which means less stress and more bliss for you!

How exactly does it do this?

An integral part of the endocannabinoid system are cannabinoid receptors, found throughout the body. There are two types:

  • CB1 receptors (found in the brain {central nervous system})
  • CB2 receptors (found in the peripheral nervous system) 

The cannabinoids found in CBD LAB Broad Spectrum CBD Oil bind to these cannabinoid receptors to stimulate those feel-good responses.

How Can CBD LAB Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Help With Symptoms of Depression?


Depression and anxiety are closely linked.

Hopefully you now have a better understanding of how CBD LAB Broad Spectrum CBD Oil works in the body.

The implications for helping with depression are significant because increased cannabinoids help to maintain and keep your mood in a good place.

The cannabinoids in CBD LAB Broad Spectrum CBD Oil signal the body to calm the stress response which can give depression sufferers significant relief.

Much research is still being conducted on CBD, but experts believe that CBD may also bind to serotonin receptors in the brain. 

CBD LAB Broad Spectrum CBD Oil can also lower inflammation, and reduce pain in people suffering depression associated with chronic pain.

Why Choose CBD LAB Broad Spectrum CBD Oil as a Treatment for Depression?

Most depressed folk will take the Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI) route.

However, these anti-depressants come with a nasty set of side-effects such as increased suicidal thoughts and behaviour, as well as increased restlessness. 

Yeesh! Any depressed person will tell you that those are the symptoms they desperately DON’T want to experience.

Now CBD LAB Broad Spectrum CBD Oil has NO NEGATIVE SIDE EFFECTS. Only positive ones.

You can’t overdose. Clinical trials have prescribed CBD doses up to 1,200 mg daily for months without observing any serious side-effects. 

What Sets CBD LAB Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Apart from Other CBD Products?

The reason CBD LAB Broad Spectrum Oil really works is that it contains nearly all the compounds found naturally in the cannabis plant. 

These obviously include CBD, as well as other cannabinoids (CBN, CBC and CBG to name a few), terpenes, flavonoids and many more.

CBD Isolate products, on the other hand, contain ONLY CBD.

CBD LAB Broad Spectrum Oil has a full array of the above-mentioned compounds, all synergistically interacting together within the body to create the “Entourage Effect”.

In simple terms, it’s the beneficial effect you feel. The feeling of calm. The feeling of all-round health.

CBD LAB also provides a dosage line where you can phone in anytime between 8:30am and 4:30pm with all your dosage queries.

CBD LAB Broad Spectrum CBD Oil conforms to all labelling regulations as per current SAHPRA legislation.

Every batch is third-party tested by the National Analytical Forensic Services (NAFS) in Pretoria which is the only accredited laboratory in South Africa allowed to issue lab results on any cannabis products. 

In closing, a note from Peter Bongiorno, ND, LAc,  a leading Naturopathic Physician and author of How Come They’re Happy and I’m Not?: The Complete Natural Guide to Healing Depression for Good (Red Wheel):

“If you are going to use CBD oil as a supplement for mental health, ask your practitioner for a high-quality version that you can take in a prescribed dosage. Don’t try to get it through other products where the amount and quality are not well understood.”


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