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Frequently Asked Questions

CBD (cannabidiol) is an extract derived from cannabis plants. This extract is then diluted in a carrier oil, such as hemp oil, coconut oil or medium chain triglycerides.

No, you cannot. CBD oil does not give you a ‘high’ effect or any form of intoxication. CBD oil does not contain any THC, which is the cannabinoid compound that gives the ‘high’ effect.

It is important to seek a supplier that is certified independently by a reputable and registered laboratory. This ensures that the CBD product is of good quality and has the correct concentration of compounds. Our certification is freely available to give our clients the peace of mind that our product is the real deal: pure broad spectrum CBD oil.

Broad Spectrum extracts contain, in addition to CBD, beneficial terpenes, fatty acids, enzymes, and other phytocannabinoids naturally found in cannabis plants. A CBD product made with isolated CBD will not contain these other beneficial factors. It will only contain pure, isolated CBD.

It is recommended to seek out broad spectrum extracts. They contain all the good stuff found naturally in cannabis, in addition to CBD.

Yes, CBD oil is legal in South Africa.

CBD products are generally regarded as safe to use, however there are side effects that you should be aware of that may occur in certain individuals. These include:

• Changes in appetite
• Changes in mood
• Diarrhoea
• Dizziness
• Drowsiness
• Dry mouth
• Fatigue
• Light headedness
• Low blood pressure